ConciergeTech is a group of seasoned industry professionals who came together for one good purpose: make big technology available to anyone. We’ve all spent years in our respective fields, we’re experts in what we do, and we are ready to put years of expertise to work for people with a digestible casual dialogue. 

Why ‘concierge’? Well, let’s think of what a concierge does. You’ve arrived and are settled in and comfortable in your [hotel?] space, and suddenly you think ‘I need an item urgently, but I don’t know where or how to best get it.’. You are in unfamiliar territory, and you need a local expert who can navigate the terrain and find you exactly what you need, and bring it right to you. Someone who does all of the legwork and brings the best solution to your door, post-haste. That’s the whole concept of ConciergeTech. Our staff and our vast network of experts have ‘done it all’. We know what it’s called, where to find it, how to implement it, and how to manage and support it once you like it. Whether you’re a business or personal user of technology, we find the solution that you need and deliver it straight to you.

How ‘seasoned’ are your people? Our partners have been active as vendors/implementors in leading edge technologies since 1990. We’ve consulted to Fortune 500 businesses, founded Tech Startups, run Implementation and Support practices and keep abreast of the latest and greatest tech every day. Our applied experience has been in everything from Support, Migrations, Marketing, Branding, Payment Systems, Wireless, Internet, Big Data, Cloud, Security, Media, Storage to Networks, Computers and Personal Devices and countless others. Our network of contacts and professionals spans nearly every possible technology area. We’ve lived and worked it every day for almost 30 years!

Where do you operate? We are based in the Atlanta Georgia US area, but have worked with clients all over the United States and in several other countries. We would be happy to discuss your specific location(s) with you. We have an advanced secure network set up to support our clients no matter where they may be, and we even support mobile users and their devices.

Am I too big/small for you to help me? Absolutely not. We have the capacity to work with individuals and SMBs(small-to-medium-businesses), or scale up through carefully vetted partners to meet enterprise demands. We’d love to speak to you about your unique opportunities, so please contact us today and we will find the best way to help you.

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